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Most of us thought the plasticine balls would float because they were light...but...Mila thought they would sink because they didn't have any air in them.  SHE WAS RIGHT!!

OUR CHALLENGE: ...to make our plasticine balls into boats that can hold a big marble...

We persisted...and persisted...and persisted...

We tested...and tested...and tested...

Nearly Ella!!
... and then Sarah had a wonderful success ...her boat floated!!

Mrs Monk made a boat that floated too.  Sarah noticed that her boat floated high and Mrs Monk's boat floated low. 
Mrs Monk's boat got water in it really easily because it floated so low.

We wonder which boat will hold the most marbles. 
 We think Sarah's will hold the most because it floats up high...wait and see...

... Mrs Monk's boat sank with 1 marble in it!!!

Sarah's boat held 2 marbles, but sank with 3 marbles!

Well done Sarah!

Finian and Gus got their boats to float...but they didn't hold any marbles - just like Mrs Monk's boat!

Mrs Monk brought some big iceblocks to school.  We thought the big one was going to sink because it was so heavy...

...it floated!

We could see that it was floating very low...there was only a little bit at the top and lots at the bottom.

We had a look at photos of real icebergs ... they are the same .. a little bit at the top of the water and huge under the water

At the beach we collected some pumice and we were so surprised to find out that it floated...

We decided to find out more about Floating and Sinking...
We are experimenting with lots of different things to discover what floats and what sinks...

At the beach we made sandcastles.  We put a moat around one of the sandcastles.

We wondered what a moat was, so we looked at some pictures on the computer and in some books.  We learned about drawbridges and moats.

We decided to make castles with drawbridges!

...and we painted them...

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