Foxton Beach

We had a wonderful day at the beach.  

  • The bus trip was exciting
  • We collected treasure
  • We made sandcastles and drew in the sand
  • We had a paddle in the sea
  • We had a sleep in the bus on the way home!
Check out our fantastic photos and videos...

A little bit wet!
 The drive home in the bus ... 


Here are the stories we wrote about Foxton Beach ...

We sorted our beach treasure...
  • shells
  • pinecones
  • feathers
  • sand
  • driftwood
  • seaweed
  • tumbleweed
  • pumice
  • rocks

We have made our Beach Treasures into beautiful artworks ...

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  1. Wow, such a fun day out at the beach! It looked to have been an action-packed Foxton beach fiesta- no wonder our little learners all fell asleep on the way home. Many thanks to Pam and Yash'al's mum for helping out so everyone could go.