Thursday, 31 August 2017

Letter of the Week ... Aa

Yes ... you know it ... Team 23 are ANGELS!!!

... OR ARE WE?????

Gus is an animal!

Ella ... or is it ... Alice in Wonderland?

Finian is an All Black.


Clever!  Yash'al has an arrow pointing to an apply!

Twin angels ... Abi and Michaela.

Beautiful angel wings!

Six heavenly angels!

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Learning Pic Collage

We worked with some of the kids from Triple Dip.  They taught us how to use Pic Collage.  We made collage designs and put them on our Google Drive. 

Saturday, 19 August 2017

We Won a TURBO!

Team 23 won a visit from a Turbo on 22 August - Tuesday morning! 
... and ... yes that is Ella's Dad on the Home page - he is a past Turbo!
Don't forget to wear green on Tuesday for the TURBOS! 

Otere and Te Rangatira are our Turbos.  
 They read us a story called ... "When I Grow Up, I'm Goint to Play for the All Blacks!"

 Otere and T taught us how to throw and catch a rugby ball.

 We played ... Stuck in the Mud ... you had to pass the rugby ball under their legs to set people free!

Letter of the Week ... Oo

Obi 1 and Obi 2 ... even matching dog tags!

The Orange Crew!

... and our octopuses ...