What's On Top!!

Congratulations to Ella for winning 3rd place in the Year 1 Girls Athletics!

Congratulations to Gus for winning 3rd place in the Year 1 Boys Athletics!

Congratulations to Ella - our 'Go For Gold' achiever!  You are a mentor for Team 23.  We are lucky to have you!

Sophia and Dylan performed in the CSNS Kapa Haka at our school assembly.  Tino pai!

Bentley has joined Team 23 ... Welcome!

Congratulations to Gus - our 'Go For Gold' achiever!  You are a Role Model and a wonderful member of Team 23!

We won the Junior Singing Trophy ... again!  So Proud!

Another Maths expert - go Ella ...

Look at Alesha's Say and Write work.  She has practised her spelling carefully and drawn an amazing picture from her reading book ... The Toytown Rescue

Here are some amazing mathematicians ...

We love these stories ... our authors have written interesting stories full of information and descriptive details ...
Sarah's wonderings after watching the Circus Acrobats.

Alesha thought her story sounded like a poem - great!

Gus enjoyed blowing his bubbles.

Yash'al loves to teach us things in his stories!

Kia described her bubbles.

Yash'al's story is full of information.  We love the way he tells us how he feels about the bee!

Ruby has painted a picture with her descriptive story.  What a huge, fat worm it must have been!

Alesha's story is full of information .. we know exactly what happened!

Look at the beautiful handwriting.
Beautiful b's Ella!

Keep up the beautiful handwriting Yash'al!
Such neat work Gus - you always try to do your best! 
Look at all the ticks and stickers - great work Yash'al!

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