Financial Literacy

We are learning about Money!

Look at the shoppers - peering through the shop window!

Yash'al saved and saved and saved his Js ... until he had J50 to buy the Brain Box!  Congratulations Yash'al!

Shop Day Loot!

Look at our Money Plans ...

This is Yash'al's Money Plan for the two weeks.

Here we are getting ready to shop!  We are spending some of our Js and saving some of our Js for the expensive items.

We had our first shop today ...  there were lots of fun Pirate and Princess things to buy.  Some people decided to save money for the expensive items in the shop,
 but most of Team 23 went crazy and spent all their Js!!!
We can't wait until the next shop day.

We looked at NZ money and we designed our own Class Money called Js.
Here are our winning Js designed by Team 23

Here we are designing our Js ...

 ... and here it is ...

We made wallets for our Js ...

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